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Helping mamas and families live their best life!

Allison Jandu,

Potty-Training Consultant

Allison Jandu is a professional consultant who assists families with one of childhood’s most important, yet daunting, milestones - potty training.


Allison has helped hundreds of children of all ages. Her custom potty training plans are based on building independence and empowerment and she thrives on seeing children succeed. She has made it her personal mission to revolutionize the way we think about potty training as a society.


Allison is also a mother herself, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Baltimore. She has written internationally accredited continued education training for childcare professionals and three highly-praised potty training guides: The Poop Puzzle, The Wee Hours, and Potty Training for Busy Parents.

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Carly Wright,

Postpartum Mental Health Coach

Carly Jean Wright, is a toddler mom, Postpartum Mental Health Coach, full spectrum doula and master energy healer.


Carly helps moms release their shame, guilt and expectations to revolutionize their identity in motherhood. By blending spirituality and tangible therapeutic tools, she created the V.I.B.R.A.N.T. Mama Method, a revolutionary approach to postpartum mental health and healing  beyond the fourth trimester.  As a survivor of postpartum depression, anxiety and rage, she wanted to combine her lived experience with her 13 year career as a social worker to really open the conversation about the transition to motherhood.


When she is not supporting new mamas, you can find her at the beach in sunny San Diego with her husband AJ and their 14 month old Reef.

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Tejal Patel,

Mindful Mama Coach

Tejal V Patel is a former divorce attorney turned mindfulness, meditation and Ayurveda advocate for moms and kids. She’s the host of the Time-In Talks Podcast, speaker and author of Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities To Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety and Stay Focused.


Her fun, practical and simple way of infusing mindfulness and meditation into the lives of modern families truly sets her apart from the traditional self-help crowd and makes her a go-to expert for modern moms seeking to raise the first generation of mindful, meditating, resilient kids.


Hollie Chavarria,

Holistic Children's Nutritionist

Hollie Chavarria is a mom, wife, and holistic children’s nutritionist. When she was a new mom, Hollie felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of nourishing and feeding a tiny human. She looked up information on how to best tackle feeding her little one, but found so much conflicting information. (Sound familiar?) So, she took matters into her own hands and went back to school to become an expert in the field. Hollie discovered she loved children’s nutrition so much that she left her corporate job in pursuit of making this information more accessible to parents just like her.


Hollie is the creator of Thriving Little Eaters – an online program aimed at helping parents prevent and overcome feeding challenges with their children. So, say goodbye to picky eating and hello to possibility!

That's not all! We will have more speakers at MamaFest... 

Check back soon!

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Robin Forslund, RN,

Sleep Coach

Robin Forslund is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Counsellor, Pre and Postnatal Educator, CPR Instructor, and Sleep Consultant. After welcoming her first daughter and struggling with sleep and breastfeeding, Robin became passionate about helping other women find their confidence and joy in motherhood.


When she isn't in the ER or helping other mamas, Robin can be found enjoying all that life can offer surrounded by her two beautiful daughters, rambunctious baby boy, and fabulous husband (probably with a coffee in hand).


Wendy Snyder,

Postitive Parenting Educator

Wendy Snyder is a Positive Parenting educator, family life coach & advocate. She is certified in Redirecting Children's Behavior & The Joy of Parenting Program.


Wendy founded her online business, Fresh Start Family, so that she could spread the message of positive parenting across the world. She is the developer of two online positive parenting courses (The Foundations Course & Jesus Guided Parenting) and also has a monthly membership program to further support families.


Wendy helps families parent with great purpose and intention by creating healthy, respectful & cooperative relationships.


Erin Lawson, MOTR/L, DIR

Sensory & Occupational Therapist 

Erin Lawson graduated from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center with her master degree in Occupational Therapy in 2017.


Immediately after graduating, she joined the TheraFUN team in May of 2017. Since then, Erin has found a true passion in child led, relationship based therapy and has pursued certifications in DIR/Floortime through Profectum Academy, and Ayers Sensory Integration through the University of Southern California, as well as training in Therapeutic Listening. This knowledge and training sets the foundation for in depth evaluation and treatment strategies addressing both the child's individual needs as well as the needs of the family to create a dynamic and holistic treatment approach to occupational therapy. 


Erin was born and raised in Norman, OK. In her free time she enjoys being outside, watching sports, and traveling. Erin and her husband are the proud parents of her fur babes, Boone and Penny.

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Jodi Jennings, OTR/L, SIPT, DIR

Sensory & Occupational Therapist 

Jodi Jennings is the owner of TheraFUN, a pediatric outpatient clinic in Norman, Oklahoma offering occupational, speech and physical therapy for children.


Jodi has been an occupational therapist for 24 years and brings a wealth of clinical experience to her work with children and families.  Jodi received her Ayers Sensory Integration certification through the University of Southern California and is certified in DIR®/Floortime, a developmental relationship based model for treatment of children. She has studied with the Upledger Institute since 1999 to specialize in complementary health care for infants and children using CranioSacral Therapy and Lymph Drainage Therapy.  She has been trained by Dr. Edward Stiles and Micha Sale, PT in Cranial-Sacral and manual therapy techniques for treating the whole body.  Her experience creates a platform of knowledge that allows her to evaluate and individualize a program to best meet each child's needs. Jodi acts as a consultant to schools and the community to train teachers, parents, and professionals on sensory processing, craniosacral therapy, and the benefits of occupational therapy and early intervention. 

Jodi lives in Norman and is the proud Mama to a seven year old girl and nine year old boy.  She enjoys swimming, nature hikes, live music(especially her husband’s band), traveling, and cooking with her family.  


Dr. Jill DeLong, D.C.

Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractor

Dr. Jill a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor. She graduated chiropractic school in 2013, has put in over 500 hours towards her pediatric diplomate, and currently holds a certification in the Webster Technique for pregnant women along with education in Spinning Babies.


Dr. Jill spent time in Bequia during her clinic abroad, helping over 200 elementary kids find health through chiropractic adjustments. She has advanced training in pediatric neuro-functional evaluations and is an active member of the ICPA, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.


But most importantly, Dr. Jill is a mom! She met her husband in chiropractic school and after throwing a dart at a map, they are proud to call Norman their home. She is farm-raised and will always be small town at heart. Her strong chiropractic philosophy and her responsibility to bring health to babies, kids, and pregnant mamas is what gets her out of bed every morning before her alarm.


Dr. Jill loves wearing her soul on her sleeve – quite literally, as tattoos are her jam! She truly believes that beyond fear lies freedom and being your own feather in your own breeze makes for a life she can always dance to. Her party hats are labeled wife, mom, entrepreneur, visionary, and her friends’ biggest cheerleader.


Dr. Jill and her husband are blessed beyond measure to bring this community DeLong Family Chiropractic, a MaxLiving Health Center!

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Ashley Kates, CPT

Pre+Postnatal Coach

Ashley Kates is an army wife, mother to a 5yo and 2yo, owner of Mom+me Strong & creator of Heal & Seal, a 3-phase program for Diastasis Recti and the pelvic floor.


Before having her first babe, she was a national level figure competitor, personal trainer, nutritionist and 5 essentials coordinator at a Max Living office. She was fit, strong, and well educated in anatomy and function of the human body.


After having her daughter, Ashley was shocked at the symptoms affecting herself and nearly 100% of women, both prenatally and postpartum; symptoms derived from diastasis recti and the pelvic floor; symptoms that are dismissed at normal or the only solution given being surgery. She was not ok with that! She knew that women's bodies, are powerful, strong, capable things that literally create and sustain life and she dedicated her life to finding and delivering solutions that empower women.


Heal & Seal was born out of this frustration, then Mom+me Strong came out of the disappointment seeing mothers neglected physically, mentally and emotionally. Mom+me Strong is a women's fitness studio that empowers women through fitness, nutrition, workshops, community partners, and yes, Heal & Seal.


Ambyr Amen-Ra

Cloth Diapering Expert

Ambyr is passionate about cloth diapering and has diapered 3 babies from birth to undies over the last seven years. She advocates for attachment and natural parenting and educates parents on creating a stash, wash routines, problem-solving, and signs that it’s time to potty-train.


In addition to speaking to parents about the extraordinary benefits of cloth diapers, one of Ambyr’s passion projects is The Loss Mama Sanctuary: a session that creates a safe space for mothers who have lost babies to work through their grief.


Ambyr has spent the last twelve years at the University of Michigan, where she currently manages an archive for researchers and policymakers interested in Early Care and Education Data. Ambyr currently serves as Treasurer on the Michigan Breastfeeding Network's Board.

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Alashandra Reynolds

Certified Baby-Wearing Expert

Alashandra Reynolds is an experienced baby-wearing educator. She was born and raised in Utah and, after marrying her husband, they moved to Texas and then Oklahoma. Her husband is a professor of Deaf Education and they both love to be involved in the Deaf community. They have 6 children ranging in ages 12 to 1. Out of necessity she discovered babywearing when expecting her third child (ran out of hands lol).


Alashandra soon became an avid baby-wearer as well as a volunteer educator in her local community.  During this time, she also discovered the natural parenting world and found where she fit! Through the years, she has had a lot of experience with products and companies in the baby world and she loves to share her knowledge with other caregivers. Having the right knowledge and tools can make all the difference in a caregiver’s life. 


Holly Skinner, BS, CLC, ALC

Lactation Consultant

Holly Skinner is a wife and the mother of three children, a maternal and child health advocate, and a private practice lactation professional. Because of her own breastfeeding experiences, she found a passion for ensuring others can access the resources needed to make informed feeding choices for their infants, and if they choose to breastfeed, supplying them with the tools to be successful.


Leisha Drews, RN, FDN

Functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner

Leisha Drews is a holistic hormone health coach with a passion for helping women up-level their physical and mental health.


She loves educating women about how to listen to their bodies and hormone cycles, so they can improve energy and mood and feel confident in their bodies again. Leisha lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two children, and when not talking about gut health or hormone cycles she can be found enjoying time in the sunshine, experimenting with new recipes, or planning and executing some sort of adventure.

Ashley CCFI.jpg

Ashley Muns, MS, LPC-S, NCC, IMH-E©

Infant Family Specialist

Ashley Muns is the Clinical Program Director at CCFI and is Endorsed as an Infant Family Specialist.


Ashley has worked in service of CCFI’s mission since 2016.  Ashley earned a BS in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in 2011 with minors in Zoology and Classical Culture. She graduated with an MS in Counseling from Oklahoma State University in 2013 and earned a graduate certificate in Play Therapy in 2019.


Ashley’s professional training and experiences heavily emphasize cultural competency and social justice issues. She is passionate about awareness and advocacy as they relate to cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Ashley is a mother to 5 children and will offer information and tips on how best to answer children’s questions about diversity, as well as help parents feel more confident to approach their children about these issues. She will also share family-friendly resources for parents that can assist them in this important work. 

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